Pae White – Orllegro

Pae White (from left):
Pae White (from left): “OroLibro Sud”,2013 and “OroLibro Nord”, 2013; Jacquard tapestries woven at Flanders Tapestries, Wielsbeke, Belgium. Courtesy of the artist and Neugeriemschneider, Berlin; Foto: MAK/Katrin Wißkirchen

From 9 October,2013 to 12 October,2014 the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) is showing this exhibition of the Los Angeles based artist Pae White .In her work she develops new relationships between fine and applied arts, architecture, and design. In the context of her first solo exhibition in Austria, White has designed a large tapestry executed in metallic thread, as well as a series of sculptures and objects especially for the museum. The MAK Permanent Collection—as revealed in Vienna 1900—serves as an inspiration for White, who is using her solo show to rethink what the applied arts mean to contemporary audiences.(press text)

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