World of Wearable Art -WOW

Marjolein Dallinga, Canada: "Skin"
Marjolein Dallinga, Canada: “Skin”

This international wearable art competition in Wellington, New Zealand is the most prestigious at this moment. It takes place annually in September and is now announcing ist 29th edition. There is a total sum of 112.000 Euro available for awards & prizes; the Supreme WOW Award, the Susie Moncliff Award, the New Zealand Design Award, the Selection Prize, the First-Time Entrant Award, the Student Innovation Award, the Wearable Technology Award, the Sustainability Award and International Awards. Further there are internships at Weta Workshop in Wellington (  and Cirque du Soleil. Both companies are also offering awards.
The organizers describe their event as „equal parts couture, choreography and craziness“… showing works at the cutting edge of fashion, art, design, and theatre.
Creators, and teams of creators intending to enter the show must register by 31 March 2017. First Time Entrants are asked to send photos of their completed costumes by this date for preselection. The final date for the garments to arrive in Nelson, New Zealand ist he 19th of June, 5pm.
Please read the competition instructions carefully :

Daniella Sasvári, New Zealand : "Templa Mentis"
Daniella Sasvári, New Zealand : “Templa Mentis”
Miodrag Guberinic & Alexa Cach, USA: "Khepri"
Miodrag Guberinic & Alexa Cach, USA: “Khepri”