Bulgarian Triennial of Mini Textile, Sofia 2023

Nada Nedyalkova Orlova:”Dualism”,hardend textile fabrics

Bulgarian Triennial of Mini Textile, Sofia 2023

The Textile art section by the Union of Bulgarian Artists invites textile art artists to submit an application to the Bulgarian Trienniale with international participation

Subject: CONNECTING the subject can be treated freely according to the views of the author.

Size: The dimensions are maximum 20/20 cm or 20/20/20 cm and all smaller sizes.

Materials and Techniques: Тextile and other materials.

Each author can submit up to two works.They will be judged by a seven-membered international jury based on digital photos – one for two-dimensional ones, two shots from a different angle, for three-dimensional artworks.
Take the photos with a camera or your phone and send them (please select: Actual size) by email to: opencalltextile@gmail.com along with the following information :

– Your name and surname
– Nationality
– Title of the work
– Dimensions – width, height and depth
– Materials and technique

DEADLINE for sending the photos and the information about the author and works is
September 30, 2023.

To issue a catalog the Trienniale will have a participation fee of 20 Euros. After you receive the jury’s decision by email and if you are approved as a participant, please send the fee to the following bank account:

Padeva Mihaela
Do not forget to add the note: About the Triennial of Mini Textile

In the same email we will inform you about the time and place to send the works and the opening day of the exhibition.The costs of sending and returning the works are at the expense of the author.
On behalf the organization:
Mihaela Padeva

Photos are from the past Triennial of mini textile

Michaela Padeva:”Sushi”, wool, metal, glass, polyethylene
Milena Atanssova:”Book of the Heart”, appliqué, fabric
Elena Belova:”Mummers”, Fire, Air, Energy, Water, Winter; Wool, sisal, felted, wrapped
Gergana Dzingarova:”Angel and Dandelion”, linen , corotton, silk, embroidery hoop