Visual Arts

Goshka Macuga, Jacquard wallhanging at the Kassel Documenta 13
Goshka Macuga “Of what is that is..”Jacquard wallhanging at the Kassel documenta 13;
Photo Artribune, 20.07.2012

Art modernism is getting more and more fashionable. Now the textile arts shall suddenly be the leader for fashionable change in fine art.
It started still slowly with Art Nouveau, spreading between 1896 and 1913, in parallel to Expressionism (1895 – 1911), Fauvism (1905) and Cubism (1907 – 1914). Since then a lot of further ´isms had to be absorbed:
Futurism (from 1909 on)
Constructivism(1913 – 1960s)
Suprematism (1915 – 1930)
Dadaism (from 1916 on)
Purism (1918 – 1960s)
Bauhaus time (1919 – 1933)
Surrealism (1920 – 1946)
Neoplastizism (from 1920 on)
Art Deco (1920 – 1940)
New Objectivity (1925 – 1933)
Functionalism (ab 1930)
Socialist Realism (1930 – 1955)
Abstract Expressionism (1940 – 1960)
After that time the ´ísms` are gradually evaporating:
Informalism (1940 – 1959)
Pop Art (from 1950 on)
The wild 60s started (with a largely unnoticed) flowering of the textile arts:
Minimalism (from the 1960s on)
Happening, Fluxus, Video Art, Photorealism, Concept art, Land Art, Body Art, in the 1970s followed by Performances and the New Image Painting of the 1980s.
Also the current fashioniable preference for textile art will evaporate quickly!

Extracts from the German Wikipedia version of “Bildende Kunst” (visual art) of 23.11.2013, by Dietmar Laue