Contest HUMANS- Miniartextil 2018

View at Miniartextil 2017 to the theme of “Borderline”; photo Giuseppe Vilali

Arte&Arte presents the contest for the next edition of Miniartextil.
The theme will be HUMANS. Deep thought about what is happening in the world today has led to the choice of a term whose meaning necessarily embraces us all. We are asking the artists to take on a subject that requires serious reflection about themselves, their work, their ideas of Utopia, their dreams, and their human and spiritual relationships. Through their work we can look at ways of sketching the outlines of a future and uncertain world. The intuition will be provided by artists able to imagine future worlds before others do, and perhaps help us dare to hope that we can truly regain that humanity which is ever more in peril. Today art is a final bulwark. Something not swayed by fashion or special interests, often villainous at that, providing a response to prevailing airs of indifference and inhumanity. Press text

Deadline 30.4.2018

Emmanuelle Moureaux: “Forest of numbers”; work from Miniartextil 2017; photo Giuseppe Vilali