World Textile Art Montevideo: Invited Artists

Fiona Kirkwood, South Africa: Inceptions, Installation about the circle of life; photo Beatrijs Sterk

The curational proposal of the Invited Artist´s section of the 7th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA, that took place from 5 October to 11 November at the National Museum of Visual Arts had the aim to highlight the importance of installations or innovative three-dimensional works of textile and fibers. It promotes the use o all kind of materials and the use of different technologies. Participating artists did go beyond any qualification or restricted category.
Statement by the curator Alicia Haber

Alvaro Diego Gómez Campuzano, Colombia: Steel Ship, Installation, 192 x 125 x 56 cm, stainless steel; photo Beatrijs Sterk
Claudia Anselmi, Uruguay:” Monochrome”, Installation, 4 layers of 500 x 140 cm and 5 layers of 360 x 140 cm; photo transfer technique; photo Beatrijs Sterk
Beatriz Oggetto, Uruguay:”Fire”,Installation, 7 modules of 250 x 50 x 70 cm; own technique; photo Beatrijs Sterk
Kari Steilhang, Norway: “Protected Area”Installation; wool, wood and nails; variable techniques; photo Beatrijs Sterk
ManuelAmeztoy, Argentina: No Title,270 x 130 x 50 cm; Installation, open work, blue wool; photo Beatrijs Sterk
Monique Lehman, Poland: Rainforest, 250 x 400 x 150 cm; rayon, silk ans wool; embroidery technique; photo Beatrijs Sterk
Dora Hara, Poland:” Five-dimensioned spaces”, 320 x 656 x 140 cm, Installation, silk; silk painting; photo Beatrijs Sterk