World Textile Art Montevideo: Textile Art in Small Format

Daniela Contreras Flores, Chile: Drag Queen Rehearsal, 2017; tapestry, embroidery yarn and mercerized cotton; 1st. Prize Small Format

The exhibition Textile Art in Small format took place from 5 October to 11 November 2017 at the exhibition space in Teatro Solis. The jurors were Hiroko Watanabe from Japan, Maximo Laura from Peru and Biret Tavman from Turkey. The jurors for the prizes on the spot were Silke from Argentina, Andrea Fischer from Chile and Beatrijs Sterk from Germany. Altogether there were 61 works on show, here are the photos of the prize winning works and some more!

Paula Zaccaria, Argentina:”Internal Rewriting”, 2017; 16 x 19 x 20 cm; wood, lavender, thread, pins; 2nd Prize Small Format
Yen-Yu Tsjeng, Taiwan: “Do you still remember?”2014; 11,5 x 16 x 4 cm,stiching and appliqué, polyester thread, transparent fabric, cloth scraps; 3rd. Prize Small Format
Claudia Azeredo, Brasil:”Movement”, 2015; 20 x 20 cm; cotton fabric; Honorable Mention
Gülay Kaygusuz, Turkey : “Traces of Motion”,2017; 20 x 20 cm; dyeing; polyester fabric; Honorable Mention
Sara Maria Terrazas, Mexico:”Magic pianola Opus 59″, 2017; 20 x 20 cm; handmade paper, cardboard, metal, wood, cotton and thread; Honorable Mention
Mary Ruth Smith, USA: “Three Graces”,2017; 20 x 20cm; paper, silk organza, thread
Susan Taber Avila, USA: “Breath”, 2017; 19,5 x 19 cm; dyeing, splicing and sewing; muslin rests, thread