The 17th ETN Conference is ready to take off!

The final preparations are being made to begin in Leiden with the pre-conference trips to Tilburg and Amsterdam on May 13. This is also the day where the Dutch Textile Festival (held every fifth year) will open its doors until May 16. In more than 40 exhibitions the whole downtown Leiden will show textile, as art, crafts or as a leisure activity. Directly at the train station the Tourist office will hold a textile route map available. For the participants of the 17th European Textile Network (ETN) Conference, an English translation of this route was made.
The ETN conference itself begins on Saturday the 16 May with a theme-day “Dutch Textile Design” at.
Speakers are:
Ingeborg de Roode, curator of Industrial Design at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Textiles in the context of the Stedelijk Museum and Dutch Design ((
Joke Robaard, theory tutorat the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam: Readable Structures (;
Hebe Verstappen, head TextielLab on Textielmuseum Tilburg: The TextielLaba Laboratory for Research and Experiments at the Dutch Textielmuseum (
Buro BELÉN: L. Langenhuijsen and B.Druijf, textile designers: Innovative and Wooden Textiles (
Barbara Broekman, textile artist: Technique and Craftsmanship in Barbara Broekman’s work (
Simone de Waart, creative director at Material Sense: Material Mentality? (
Joris Debo, creative director at “Materialise”: 3D Printed Fashion: From the computer to the catwalk /
Marian Bijlenga, textile artist: Collecting and Structuring (
On 17 May, the “ETN Networking Day” will take place where ETN members report on their plans. In addition to the 30 Dutch participants some 120 textile professionals from the whole world will travel: (from Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ukraine and the US) The conference will be complemented by other excursions to Zaandam & Marken and to Leuven & Antwerp.
Furthermore the Dutch association of textile curators “” will held the Biodesign in Textile” Symposium, now already fully booked. Visitors to the festival are welcome and should head to the main venue of the action, the Pieterskerk (a church in the city center) for information in order to start exploring textile Leiden from there.

Barbara Broekman/NL: On Victorian and Oriental Women nr 8; 262x130cm
Barbara Broekman/NL: On Victorian and Oriental Women nr 8; 262x130cm
Marian Bijlenga/ NL:
Marian Bijlenga/ NL:”sporen van schrift (Traces of Writing)”, 2014; 280×280 cm