Canopies for the Goddess

Temple Cloth for Goddesses, matani chandarve, workshop in Jambusar, India; early 20th century
Temple Cloth for Goddesses, matani chandarve; unknown workshop in Jambusar, India; early 20th century;224 x 122 cm., painted and printed, Museum Rietberg, Zürich, 2009

Indian textile art from 13 December 2013 to 13 April 2014 at Museum Rietberg in Zurich (Gablerstr. 15, CH-8002) – The exhibition shows 27 extraordinary textiles from the important collection which the former director of the museum, Dr. Eberhard Fischer, recently gave to the museum. It offers a glimpse into the techniques and production processes, their religions iconography and ritual use. ‘Canopies for the Goddess’ is the name given to large-scale illustrated textiles marking a sacred place for the veneration of goddesses. Men of the semi-nomadic community of the Vagri have been producing these beautifully worked illustrated textiles for many generations in the city of Ahmedabad, one of the oldest and most important textile centres in the world ( The catalogue ‘Temple tents for Goddesses in Gujarat, India’ in English, edited by Dr. Eberhard Fischer is available for Euro 48,- during the exhibition in the museum store (ISBN 978-93-83098-15-6).