Chainstitch and other Embroideries

Chainstitch embroidery
Embroidery with chainstich, 1930

This study in German language treats a small collection of embroideries which was compiled by Fritz Iklé (son of Leopold Iklé) for the merchant of printed textiles and economic historian Adolf Jenny-Trümpy. With this collection Iklé explains hand embroidery of eastern Switzerland and its change over to machine work. For this reason he collected original and often also dated textile samples and sticked them to around 50 cardboard folios. The most important examples of this collection together with iklé´s handwritten explanations are shown in the first part of the study.
The second part investigates technical questions around the origin of chainstitch and the development of mechanical devices. There were different types of chainstitch machines in use in Switzerland, in southern Germany or in Plauen, Saxony. In the third part of the study letters of Fritz Iklé are reproduced. He exchanged his knowledge of embroidered textiles with Adolf Jenny-Trümpy. In the annexe there is a short inventary list of the embroideries of the collection as well as a bibliography and indices of propper names, of subjects and of locations. (Detailed information)
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