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World of Wearable Art -WOW


This international wearable art competition in Wellington, New Zealand is the most prestigious at this moment. It takes place annually in September and is now announcing ist 29th edition. There is a total sum of 112.000 Euro available for awards & prizes; the Supreme WOW Award, the Susie Moncliff Award, the New Zealand Design Award, the Selection Prize, the First-Time Entrant Award, the Student Innovation Award, the Wearable Technology Award, the Sustainability Award and International Awards. Further there are internships […]

Small Tapestry International 5: Crossroads

Barbara Heller: "Binary Codes: Shawl", shown at the first Small Tapestry International "Connections"

ATA invites all tapestry artists to submit works to Small Tapestry International 5: Crossroads. Artists are encouraged to explore the conceptual, technical and metaphorical implications of the theme as they design their submissions. We invite entries not only from artists who work within more traditional definitions of tapestry, but also those artists whose work expands upon the core principles of the medium as it explores new techniques and processes. Entry to STI 5: Crossroads is open to all artists who […]

11th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles, Angers

Juliette Mètrat: Excès de toile: 1000ème victime, 10 x11x 10 cm: photo Juliette Mètrat

11th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles, Angers ; traveling exhibition from June – December 2017 The City of Angers, heir to a long tradition and an invaluable heritage that includes the magnificent medieval Apocalypse by Jean Bondol, and the more contemporary Chant du Monde by Jean Lurçat, holds an eminent place in the world of tapestry and textile art. Thanks to the Musée Jean Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine, created in 1986 and boasting over 500 textile works acquired in […]

5th European Tapestry Triennial

Joanna Soroka/UK: "Lots of Dots", 2010
mixed media ; tapestry at the 4th European Tapestry Triennial

The European Tapestry Forum (ETF) is announcing its fifth European Tapestry Triennial “Artapestry 5”; deadline March 31, 2017. The exhibition “Artapestry 5” will open in January 2018 in Denmark. The European Tapestry Forum is a pan-european organisation of professional tapestry weavers with the aim to raise the profile of tapestry as an art form and to provide a platform for tapestry artists. The organisation is recognising the growing need for artists working in the medium of tapestry, to cooperate in […]

Tapestry 3 – Apocalypse or Global Sustainability

Gabriella HAJNAL, 2001 Haute-lisse, wool, painted frame

The association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists and the Hungarian Academy of Art In cooperation with The Museum of Fine Arts organizes an international contemporary tapestry exhibition between 13 April and 16 July 2017 ( the exhibition“ Tapestry 2 – Metamorphoses“ took place in 2005). Any artist who formulates ideas in the language of woven tapestry may participate In the competition. The Hungarian National Gallery and the Hungarian Association of Tapestry Artists are announcing the events of International Tapestry 2017 under […]

2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial

Monica Bohlmann/D: Madame B.

Call for entries: The Rijswijk Textile Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary textile art that is organized every two years in Museum Rijswijk in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, in 2017 from May 16th to September 24th. Artists who would like to participate in the 2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial are requested to forward their documentation: a CD-ROM or USB stick with high-resolution photographs (capacity of each photo between 2 and 4 MB) of (recent) artworks, a curriculum vitae (in English) and […]


Elvira Viranyi, Germany

7th INTERNATIONAL WEARABLE EXPRESSIONS JURIED EXHIBITION AT PALOS VERDES ART CENTER, January 21- April 16, 2017 Wearable Expressions: wearable art designed for the human body in all media from separates to entire garments, to jewelry and a wide variety of accessories. This, the seventh exhibition, is set for January 21 – April 16, 2017 with Off the Wall and On the Runway on April 22. Jewelry, accessories and fiber art entries will be competing for a total of $20,000 in […]