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Entangled: Treads and Making, view at the exhibition

Anna Ray: "Margate Knot",2017, detail; community work commissioned for this exhibition

An interesting development has taken place in the field of art and textiles. Exhibitions featuring art by women have been organised in English-speaking countries, and some of them have included a large number of textiles. Examples are “Pathmakers: Women in Art” held at the Museum of Art & Design (MAD), New York, in 2015 and “Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women”, presented by Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in Los Angeles in 2016. The latter event aimed to show […]

Françoise Grossen Selects


Exhibition from October 18, 2016 to March 15, 2017at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Again a proof that the textile artists who exhibited at the Lausanne Biennials are seeing a revival and a real appreciation of their achievements!This is happening at several places and I hope to report on many of these exhibitions or publications! Beatrijs Sterk Press text: In the 1960s, Françoise Grossen rejected the rectilinear loom that constrained contemporary weaving for an intuitive approach to fiber […]

2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial

Monica Bohlmann/D: Madame B.

Call for entries: The Rijswijk Textile Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary textile art that is organized every two years in Museum Rijswijk in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, in 2017 from May 16th to September 24th. Artists who would like to participate in the 2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial are requested to forward their documentation: a CD-ROM or USB stick with high-resolution photographs (capacity of each photo between 2 and 4 MB) of (recent) artworks, a curriculum vitae (in English) and […]

The Tapestry Triennale of Lodz

Peter Horn / D : "Who did this?", 213 x 160 cm,2014,  wall-hanging, cotton, wool ; Bronze medal; photo Central Museum of Textiles

Despite all attempts to be innovative, this Triennial – which can be seen from 9.5 to 30.10.2016 in the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz – displays a comparitively traditional image of the textile art scene. Whether traditional or modern, 39 of the 135 works are woven, 15 use tapestry technique and 5 use digital Jacquard technique. Around one third of the works are three-dimensional installations, the rest are largely designed for the wall. The 15 artists who use the […]

Sheila Hicks: Why Not ?

Visitor in front of the sculpture "Wild Ropes", 2013; synthetic fibers, linen and wool

Internationally renowned, thanks to her participation in numerous large solo and group exhibitions, this is her first appearance in the Netherlands for many years. Her colourful work, which ranges from monumental textile installations to metre-high sculptures and enchanting miniatures, has been making waves since the late 1950s. A varied selection of this free work is on display, along with examples of her textile designs – both for hand woven and industrial production. Attention is also  paid to the artist’s special […]

15th International Triennial of Tapestry, Łódź 2016

Tzimtzum - Transcendence - bird l

Currently one of the oldest of the Textile Biennials / Triennials will take place again from 9 May to 30 October 2016 at the Central Museum of Textiles in lodz, Poland. This 15th Triennial of Tapestry is an invitational exhibition with contemporary textile art as its subject ( in Poland the notion of  “tapestry” is covering a broad scope of textile art techniques and materials). On 11 November 2014 the “national consultants” were chosen by the Programming Board, made up of members […]

Tapisseries Nomades – Fondation Toms Pauli – Collection 20th century


Exhibition from 24.3 to 19.5.2016 at the Musée cantonale des Beaux Arts, Lausanne. On show will be a part of the textile collection belonging to the Canton Vaud of which Lausanne is the capital. Prepared for the exhibition are works by Jean Lurçat, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jagoda Buić, Olga de Amaral, Elsi Giauque and Hideo Tanaka.These innovative and bold artists have all contributed to the reputation of the International Tapestry Biennial of Lausanne, organised from 1962 to 1993 at the rooms of the Musée des Beaux Arts in the Palais de la […]