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The Tapestry Triennale of Lodz

Peter Horn / D : "Who did this?", 213 x 160 cm,2014,  wall-hanging, cotton, wool ; Bronze medal; photo Central Museum of Textiles

Despite all attempts to be innovative, this Triennial – which can be seen from 9.5 to 30.10.2016 in the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz – displays a comparitively traditional image of the textile art scene. Whether traditional or modern, 39 of the 135 works are woven, 15 use tapestry technique and 5 use digital Jacquard technique. Around one third of the works are three-dimensional installations, the rest are largely designed for the wall. The 15 artists who use the […]

15th International Triennial of Tapestry, Łódź 2016

Tzimtzum - Transcendence - bird l

Currently one of the oldest of the Textile Biennials / Triennials will take place again from 9 May to 30 October 2016 at the Central Museum of Textiles in lodz, Poland. This 15th Triennial of Tapestry is an invitational exhibition with contemporary textile art as its subject ( in Poland the notion of  “tapestry” is covering a broad scope of textile art techniques and materials). On 11 November 2014 the “national consultants” were chosen by the Programming Board, made up of members […]