Reiko Sudo at the Musée Guimet in Paris

Through the summer of 2014 the installation “Koi Current” is on show (as a part of the exhibition “Clemenceau, le Tigre de l´Asie from 12 March to 16 June, 2014) at the Musée national des arts Asiatiques – Guimet. This installation by Reiko Sudo and Adrien Gardère is based on... Read more

The Database Project ´Silk Memory`in St. Gallen

In 2012 – with financial support by the Zurich Silk Association (ZSIG) – the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art had initiated the Silk Memory project at the Textile Museum St. Gallen with the aim to build a digital archive. In a next step, selected silk fabrics from the... Read more

A New Web-Based Costume Workbook

Experienced members of the Costume Committee create „Clothes tell stories“: the Costume Workbook, an on-line catalog of written and visual ideas of how to show and use historical and contemporary costume in museums. The target group is primarily smaller organi­sations such as local and/or specialized museums, for example city museums,... Read more

A ´Jacquard`Loom 60 Years before Jacquard´s ´Invention`

In general the following information is given: “1805 Patent on pattern weaving machine with punched cards by Joseph-Marie Charles Jacquard”. Jacquard may have been the first inventor able to file for a patent, yet the technology of a fully automated loom driven by punched cards was not actually his invention.... Read more

Blythe Houes, Clothworkers Centre

The V&A Clothworkers Centre has Opened

This Centre for the Study and Conservation of Textiles and Fashion at Blythe House in west London, offering unprecedented access to the museum’s textiles, receives about 800 requests for access from researchers a year. Visits must be booked in advance, and applications must include an explanation of the purposes of... Read more

Sibudu Cave in South Africa

Plant Fibre Processing 77,000 Years Ago

We have reported in Textile Forum magazine 1/2010 about early traces of fibre processing over 30,000 years ago, found in the Dzudzuana cave in Georgia. Now we heard that already in 2010 important archaeological findings of at least 77,000 years old were known. In the South-African Sibudu cave there were... Read more