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Fiber Sulpture: 1960 to Present


Fiber: Sculpture 1960 – Present, Jenelle Porter (editor), The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston/USA, DelMonto Books – Prestel, Munich, London, New York, 2014; 256 pages, 136 colour- and 43 black & white illustrations, text English, ISBN 978-3-7913-5382-1, price approx. 35 Euro. The exhibition Fiber: Sculpture 1960 – Present (organised from 1.10.14 to 4.1.15 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston) and its catalogue are important in the history of textile art. The ambitions of the curator Jenelle Porter are […]

From the Textile Forum Library


Every now and than we are sorting out our books and catalogues from the TEXTLE FORUM magazine library, offering them for a reduced price to our readers. These are English-language publications mainly, but there also are French , German , and publications in other languages- See our list of book remnants!

Henry van de Velde, Volume II, Textiles


In celebration of Henry van de Velde‘s (1863-1957) 150th birthday, a catalogue of his works in 6 volumes, edited by Thomas Föhl and Antje Neumann, is currently being produced in German and English by the Klassik Stiftung Weimar. The first two volumes have been published, and the remaining ones on metalwork, ceramics & porcelain, furniture and interior art are under preparation. Numbering 460 pages, including ca. 60 pages of references, the volume on textiles contains numerous illustrations as well as […]

Bibliographica Textilia Historiae


Seth Siegelaub; International General, New York/Amsterdam 1997; 415 pp., 35 illustrations, English text – 17 years ago this bibliography was published in an atmosphere of relative indifference from the part of the public. Since 2012 after the exhibition “Stuff Matters” with historic textiles from the collection of the author (who died in 2013) at Raven Row in London, a precursor of the current glut with textile objects in art exhibitions, his bibliography received deserved attention. I wrote at the time: […]

Renaissance Velvets


Lisa Monnas; V & A Publishing, London 2012, ISBN 978-1-85177-656-6; 140 pages, 117 colour and 11 b/w ills., English text; £ 35 The author is a textile historian specialising in medieval and Renaissance European silks. Her publication “Merchants, Princes and Painters 1300-1550”, reviewed in TF 1/09, previously caught our attention. This book is dedicated to the rare silks in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Velvet and silk fabrics began to be woven in Europe in the 13th […]

Chainstitch and other Embroideries


This study in German language treats a small collection of embroideries which was compiled by Fritz Iklé (son of Leopold Iklé) for the merchant of printed textiles and economic historian Adolf Jenny-Trümpy. With this collection Iklé explains hand embroidery of eastern Switzerland and its change over to machine work. For this reason he collected original and often also dated textile samples and sticked them to around 50 cardboard folios. The most important examples of this collection together with iklé´s handwritten […]

Artists`Textiles 1940 – 1976


Geoffrey Rayner, Richard Chamberlain & Annamarie Stapleton; Antique Collectors ‘Club Ltd., Woodbridge, Suffolk/UK, 2013, ISBN 978-1-85149-629-7; 303 pages, many colour- and black & white illustrations, English text. In its understanding of textile design this is a very conservative publication, and – like the exhibition – addressed to an Anglosachsian readership. Geoffrey Rayner and Richard Chamberlain were the managers of the Target Gallery in Londons Westend over a period of 15 years. Already in 1997 they published the books „Austerity to […]