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Chiharu Shiota | Uncertain Journey

Chihara Shiota: Uncertain Journey

Exhibition from 17 September 2016 – 12 November 2016 at the gallery Blain/ Southern, Potsammer Street 77 – 78, Berlin. The Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, now very well know, represented her country at the Venice Biennial with the work “Key in the Hand”- A similar work now is on view in Berlin, a work that I consider very interesting from the point of view of textile art because here a painter is consistently using textile material to express feelings like […]

5th European Tapestry Triennial

Joanna Soroka/UK: "Lots of Dots", 2010
mixed media ; tapestry at the 4th European Tapestry Triennial

The European Tapestry Forum (ETF) is announcing its fifth European Tapestry Triennial “Artapestry 5”; deadline March 31, 2017. The exhibition “Artapestry 5” will open in January 2018 in Denmark. The European Tapestry Forum is a pan-european organisation of professional tapestry weavers with the aim to raise the profile of tapestry as an art form and to provide a platform for tapestry artists. The organisation is recognising the growing need for artists working in the medium of tapestry, to cooperate in […]

Asia Europe III

Young Soon Cha/ South Korea: Work II, 2015

From 16 October 2016 to 2nd. April 2017, the third Asia –Europe Fiber Art exhibition will start to travel through Europe. This event is one oft he good examples of an artists-organized series of exhibitions. The following text is from the current curator, Marika Szaraz. The list of participants can be found at the end oft he text! Erny PIRET founded the ASIA-EUROPE exhibitions in 2009 in thanks to her long friendship with the Japanese artist Kakuko Ishii. In 2009, […]

Weaving & We : 2016 Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art

Sheila Hicks, Embassy of Chromatic Delegates, installation, 2015-2016, Photo by Cristobal Zañartu

The second Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art will be delayed: Instead of 25 August, the opening will now take place on 26 September (due to security issues with the G20 Summit running at the beginning of September). The names of the 64 artists chosen for this exhibition are now known. Among them about a dozen well-known textile artists only. Surprisingly also not so many names of weavers on the list (as far as I could guess). This could mean a […]

Tapestry 3 – Apocalypse or Global Sustainability

Gabriella HAJNAL, 2001 Haute-lisse, wool, painted frame

The association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists and the Hungarian Academy of Art In cooperation with The Museum of Fine Arts organizes an international contemporary tapestry exhibition between 13 April and 16 July 2017 ( the exhibition“ Tapestry 2 – Metamorphoses“ took place in 2005). Any artist who formulates ideas in the language of woven tapestry may participate In the competition. The Hungarian National Gallery and the Hungarian Association of Tapestry Artists are announcing the events of International Tapestry 2017 under […]

2016 Paper Biennial Rijswijk


The 11th Paper Biennial is on view at the Rijswijk Museum near The Hague until 18th September 2016. This year’s show focuses on the laser paper cutting technique, whereas the hand paper making technique is not as prominent as it used to be. The highly refined aesthetics of the Biennial is counterbalanced by a number of very powerful installations, such as those by Hayes et al. Once again the Biennial provides completely new insights into contemporary paper art. The comparatively […]

2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial

Monica Bohlmann/D: Madame B.

Call for entries: The Rijswijk Textile Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary textile art that is organized every two years in Museum Rijswijk in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, in 2017 from May 16th to September 24th. Artists who would like to participate in the 2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial are requested to forward their documentation: a CD-ROM or USB stick with high-resolution photographs (capacity of each photo between 2 and 4 MB) of (recent) artworks, a curriculum vitae (in English) and […]